I do like writing stories, and have done for a long time, especially since a nice teacher at school encouraged me.

I unapologetically like genre fiction; fantasy, sci-fi, alternate worlds, and occasionally get a bee in my bonnet about the way we seem to be an oppressed majority in the literary world.

This page now links to my stuff on kindle… please feel free to feed back constructively about format, typos or anything else to improve it.

If you want to bid to be my agent/publisher, feel free!

The classic Dickens story is re-set as science fiction.  Will the little orphan Blip ever get the clone girl?  Will he survive the terrifying alien cyborg convict?  What do the mad woman in the life-support tank and the android lawyer want with him?  Will he save the planet from an evil mastermind along the way?


Pendragon’s Shadow

Just in proofreading and before I begin submitting.  If anyone would like to say “King Arthur for the Game of Thrones generation” so I can quote them, there might be a few beers in it for them!



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