Dear Mr Dickens,

First off, for heaven’s sake find the “word count” function on your computer. Not only are your chapters of utterly uneven length, but also your sentences. They are far too convoluted and compound and they make our heads ache. Carry out a cull of commas colons and clauses. Readers require brevity and clarity.

You need to grasp an understanding of character. Joe, his wife, Biddy and many others do not develop at all during the entire novel. The convict Magwitch has all his character development happen in absentia. The villain Compeyson hardly ever appears except in the background. You do a fair amount of telling and not showing. After all that, many of the book’s population are one-dimensional caricatures of a particular characteristic.

We are uncertain about the ending and how we get there. Is this a romance, a tragedy, or an adventure story? What shelf does it go on in Waterstones, assuming real-world bookshops are alive next week?

Best of luck elsewhere.

B.M. Agent

PS Have just had a rather good suggestion from my co-publishing house: why don’t you re-set this as a Sci-fi romp?  If you’re uncertain about doing this yourself then you could co-author with this James A Tucker chap we hear such good things about.  We bet the result would be an absolute rip-roaring tour de force!

PPS.  Oh, you’ve already done it?  Congratulations!  I’m just off to buy it now!


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