Sorry for the time without updates. Have been in a down period; this coincided with a relapse of gaming too much, which generally goes together. I would claim the being down triggers the addictive behaviour as a coping mechanism, but then I would!
Of the news while I was away: my friend’s mother has been in hospital for a heart operation and is now home recovering. The writing group did a reading night at the Avalon which went well and was a boost. Two friends and I had an outing planned to see Rock of Ages, but one of us was hospitalised with an asthma attack on the way. She was released later that night and is now alright and back at work. The show was fun and quite different to the film.
I had my health check where I was found to be overweight with high cholesterol and blood pressure; I knew I had put on a spare tyre but the other ones were news, and my blood pressure used to be good. On a re-check my blood pressure was declared alright but my cholesterol remains high, probably due to genetics, and I am on pills. Currently trying the “fast for two (separate) days a week” diet and feeling too faint to finish my longer post about depression…


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