Two sets of bad guys, but we can do something about one of them

So, we have two ethnicities fighting in the Unholy Land. Neither group reckons the other has a right to a country of its own. Both think they are defending their lands and their people. Both demonise opposition. Both have had their chances to make peace but chose war (or at least their leaders at the time did). Both reckon the other side started it. Both kill civilians.

But: one side seems to be winning hands down. It likes to inflict at least 100 casualties for every one it suffers. It continues to ethnically cleanse and settle land. It bombards, blockades, arrests, and marches in troops at will. Its advocates and apologists are highly effective in western media and politics. It is also a form of democracy with education and literacy, so might be expected to know better. It is not reliant on food aid and has a functional economy, so sanctions might work against it. It is reliant on military, political and economic aid and trade from the west however.

There may be no good guys in this, and things may be too far gone for anything to stop the oppression and bloodshed, but at the very least we do not have to support and condone it.



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