Dear Mr Golding,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript “Lord of the Flies.” I am afraid we feel there is simply not enough content of interest to modern teenagers. Perhaps if there were the inclusion of girls on the island and a romantic sub-plot, it might be marketable. If set closer to the present day, the girls could wear bikinis (but only final-year students of course).
Another possibility might be to step up the violence and so forth so that it can be sold to the horror market, and perhaps have a genuine monster instead of a dead parachutist.  Perhaps it could be ready for a found-footage film?
Best of luck elsewhere.
B.M. Agent
PS The IT guy has just complained that if Piggy was short sighted, he would have had the wrong kind of lenses in his glasses for making fire. That geeky philistine has been roundly abused and sent to clean the toilets.


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One Response to Dear Mr Golding,

  1. ladynicotine says:

    Thanks for teaching me something/slightly spoiling it for me….

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