Dear Mr Orwell,

I apologise for the delay in responding to “Animal Farm.” It seems the Literary division saw the talking animals and passed it to the Children’s section, who noted the adult themes and dropped it down to Fantasy; they in turn spotted a political allegory and climbed out of their basement to give it back to Literary, and so on.

I have had a brief look myself. You are not without merit, Mr Orwell, but let me give you some advice: know your market before you write a book. Magic realism can be acceptable (although it’s a hit-and-miss affair; talking animals are definitely miss) but you should combine it with something more attractive to readers than politics. If you feel the need to decry injustice and air your opinions then it goes down better as history, whether factual or fictional, and try not to preach openly. Deep character exploration is the thing for art!  Including sex, of course (and that is NOT a suggestion for Animal Farm!) For more commercial purposes you may try adventure, crime, or even some of the lower genres.

Speaking of which, the synopsis of 1984 that you submitted in the mean-time may have some potential for another publisher if you change the ending; the whole purpose of science fiction is escapism, after all.

Best of luck elsewhere,

B.M. Agent

[ Note to self    Remember not to include in the actual sent email

Orwell mentions chest complaint in author bio; obtain medical certificate if he re-submits something credible. All very well for dead romantic poets but he must be able to undertake signings, book tours and publicity appearances, and have a career ahead of him to be worth spending time on. Alternatively, publish post-mortem for sympathy publicity and hopefully smaller royalties. ]


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