Edge of Trauma

Have been to see Edge of Tomorrow as well.  A good sci-fi movie and entertaining.  Tom Cruise sensibly played a character who is initially a slimy weasel, thus avoiding some of the normal annoyance of his superman act.  Plot holes can be winked at (for the record, why didn’t they take a plane sooner, or try hijacking a nuke?)

However, there is something that films tend to ignore; genre films especially, I’m afraid.  Character seem able to shrug off any amount of pain and suffering provided they’re physically OK afterwards, or recovery to complete normality is handled in a cursory fashion.  Sometimes they go completely overboard in what characters suffer (Buffy, Torchwood, Supernatural… and going right back to Captain Scarlet).

In some cases, you suspend disbelief.  The same power that brings someone back to life also makes them immune to trauma; or they’re a super-heroic personality that simply shrugs off pain.  Sometimes, it’s harder.  In Edge of Tomorrow, you have an initially cowardly character who dies repeatedly in the course of saving humanity; not all of the deaths would be instant and un-messy.  I assumed that the pain was not remembered.

In real life, of course, torture and suffering leave psychological scars; there’s a parallel with rape.  I can’t help but worry sometimes that too much consumption of simplified fiction may make people blase when it comes to real life issues like extraordinary rendition.


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