Metro grief and human behaviour…

Why, oh why, do people getting on to a crowded Metro train stop just inside the doors and prevent other people getting on when there is loads of space further down the carriage?

At first, it just seemed like another bit of selfish/stupid/short-sighted human behaviour to get steamed up about.  Then I thought about it some more, and realised I was probably being unfair.  A lot of people can’t reach the overhead grab rails as easily as I can, which I hadn’t considered.  Then, of course, they might be worried that they won’t be able to get out past everyone when it comes to their stop, or not want the embarrassment, possible grief, and effort of assertiveness when it comes to pushing past people.

Damnit, this woolly liberalism makes you want to turn into a screaming tabloid reader sometimes to blow off steam!

Mind you, if everyone was polite and considerate, there would be less putting up with my armpits at head level…


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