Hunger Games

I read in a newspaper clipping that Britain throws away 4.2 million tonnes of food a year; some of this is being anaerobically digested for power, but to state the bleedin’ obvious, that’s still a waste.

How many hungry people would that food feed? How much would the money used to buy and ship it feed, either spent directly or invested? This is before we eat more calories than are good for us, of course.

Now multiply that across the rest of the affluent and overfed populations of the world. Even though 100% food efficiency may be unrealistic, there is no need for hunger.

We shan’t even get started on the huge amounts of perfectly edible vegetable protein fed to animals to produce far less corresponding meat. Or the way millions of African farmers could double their outputs if they could only afford a bag of fertiliser.

This is why I get annoyed even with the few calls for GM food that don’t seem cynical. There is enough food for everyone. The problem is one of poverty and iniquity. We may well need insect-burgers before the end (12 billion population coming up!) but unless we reform the basic problems, we will just get more of the same.

For the record, I am not against GM as a science, but I don’t trust Big Agribusiness to do it.


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