Review: Transcendence

Went to see it with a friend who spent the movie letching over Johnny Depp, so she was happy. I won’t say I hated it, but….

There can be a fine line between re-telling a classic story and just being unoriginal, I’m painfully aware of that (there’s a post on its way). But this film is several miles on the wrong side of that line. Their only spin on the idea of “Frankenstein: the orthodox interpretation” is: “What if the monster isn’t really that scary?”

I won’t even begin on the plot holes and ridiculous science. But the characters? How can you believe in a wife who doesn’t even blink at her digital monster possessing the bodies and minds of people, but then suddenly freaks out and turns against him because it looks like he’ll turn himself human again?

There was a moment when the movie could have gone the other way. Almost the second thing the computer says after they turn it on is, “I need more power. I need access to Wall Street.”

If there had been a pause followed by “Just joking!” it could have been a far better film.

If you’re interested, the orthodox interpretation of Frankenstein is of course “man should not play God or it will go horribly wrong.” Personally, I think the book is a critique of God, that he created a flawed being and then immediately abandoned it. There are many other possible interpretations as well: … and many more


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2 Responses to Review: Transcendence

  1. Lady Nicotine says:

    Speaking as the leching friend in question – if this would also be your reason for going to see the film, save your money, stop at home & put your favourite Johnny DVD on instead….

  2. Got me out of the house, which is important! Take it I spelled (spelt?) le(t)ch wrong?

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